Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehabs

I. Types of Free Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation programs provide one of the most reliable routes to successful recovery from addiction. Not all rehab programs are alike, however, and not all programs are created equal.

Residential rehab programs are those in which the patient is housed during treatment. These are voluntary but participation is also often court-mandated. Patients are supposed to remain in the facility full-time. Some are locked-door programs, with patients being restrained from leaving. Others do not interfere with a client intent on leaving, though they may forbid return. Typically, these intensive rehab programs are 28 days in duration; however, there are some that, when necessary, do last longer.

Halfway houses or sober living houses are aftercare options for patients after they have completed a more traditional rehab program. While patients are residents, they are allowed a good amount of freedom in a sober living home. They are able to go to work or school and, with permission, able to participate in certain recreational activities.

Outpatient treatment is a type of rehab program in which the patient lives in their own home and attends to the daily routines of life, such as work, school and family obligations, while going to the rehab facility at regular intervals for treatment. The intervals vary according to need, and can be daily, weekly or on whatever schedule the mental health or substance abuse professional deems necessary.

II. Addiction Rehab

Due to the chemical nature of drug addiction, the first step towards recovery occurs during the detoxification process. The “high” that most drugs provide occur as users experience shifts in neurotransmitters – chemicals messengers naturally produced by the brain that are responsible for feelings of contentedness, euphoria, energy and focus.

III. Rehab & Recovery

Rehabilitation programs are an important part of recovery and successful reintegration into a healthier, more productive life. Inner motivation offers the best drive for achieving long-term success in sobriety. Therefore, the best types of interventions result in the person herself realizing the need for treatment, rather than participating because of pressure from family.

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